Big Moments: Questions about Trevor Lawrence’s play were alleviated on the first play – a 40-yard jump ball to Tee Higgins. The Tigers never looked back as they nickeled and dimed their way to an impressive lead.

Strengths: Clemson’s offensive self scouting worked – whatever they changed internally, it showed with their impressive offensive performance. Even though FSU’s defense is bad, Clemson’s offense looks crisp and focused. Clemson’s defense is playing up to its usual standard as well.

Areas for Improvement: Trevor Lawrence has been hit hard several times when he could have slidden, and it only takes one bad hit to alter his season (see Kyle Parker). With a slender 6’6″ frame, long limbs, and a long season ahead, he needs to protect his body from injury.

Keys to the Second Half: Most of the time when Clemson is in a blowout, the younger players get to test their skills against inferior athletes. The second half should provide an opportunity to see how Clemson’s players rate against highly recruited players of equivalent athletic ability.