Big Moments: BT Potter redeemed himself by making a 51-yard field goal for the first score of the game. Louisville’s Tutu Attwell was hurt in a freak accident where his neck bent back as he crashed into a table deep on the sideline but he appears to be okay and returned to the game.

Strengths: Clemson’s defense is bailing out the offense, and it all starts with Isaiah Simmons being the best player on the field and Venables being the best coordinator in the nation. Travis Etienne and Lyn-J Dixon have ran well but the running game hasn’t been a consistent factor in the offense.

Room for Improvement: Clemson’s offensive struggles have returned frustratingly against a poor defense that allowed 58 to Wake Forest and 39 to Boston College. Trevor Lawrence has mentally struggled with staring down his receivers and trying to do too much despite his accuracy and skill in extending the play.

What to Watch For: Can Clemson make the halftime adjustments and establish an offensive rhythm in the second half? Clemson has scored 17 points, but the last touchdown could have easily gone the other way.