Key Moments: Instead of one dagger, Clemson has inflicted dozens of paper cuts in their first half takedown of the Eagles. The talent differential is obvious on every play and the Tigers’ execution matches it, leaving no room for an upset.

Strengths: The Tiger’s offense has capitalized on their talent advantage and executed well – suffocating the Eagles by forcing them to score on every possession. Clemson’s defense has largely lived up to the challenge by containing AJ Dillon and harassing Grosel when he does drop back.

Areas for Improvement: Despite their impressive performances, the defense has allowed a couple of explosive plays and Trevor Lawrence missed a wide open Tee Higgins in the end zone on the Tigers first drive.

What to Watch For: Barring a miracle, Boston College can’t engineer a comeback. Look to see how the second string players execute (especially on defense) and expect a quick game with lots of rushing on both sides.