Score: Clemson 28 FSU 0

Key Moments:

FSU had the momentum early in the game before their center snapped the ball high, leading to a second and 43 situation that ended in a punt.

Clemson’s Greg Huegel missed a 40-yard field goal in the beginning of the second quarter, but a roughing the kicker penalty on Asante Samuel kept the drive alive.

An already intense game filled with penalties and major hits almost reached a breaking point when FSU’s Hasmah Nasirlideen was ejected for targeting Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence was scrambling when he hit him in the crown and leaned into him after he as down.

Christian Wilkins and H-back Garrett Williams each rushed for short rushing touchdowns in the second quarter.


Trevor Lawrence has played well after settling into the game – displaying his arm strength and command of the offense. Tee Higgins has made several excellent catches that show why he is the next great Clemson receiver. Amari Rodgers has also shined in his role as punt returner.

Clemson’s defense has completely stifled Florida State’s offense despite Deondre Francois’ brave play. The Seminoles have rushed for negative four yards, have 69 total yards, and are averaging less than two yards per play.

Areas for Improvement:

Clemson elected to punt on their own 38 yard line (just out side of field goal territory) on fourth and nine. The sky punt was poorly executed and lead to a touchback – giving FSU the ball at their own twenty yard line. Clemson’s next punt was shanked and only went for 14 yards.

What to Watch:

If the game gets out of hand, watching Clemson’s backups against Florida State’s starters will be an excellent gauge of their ability. Or in the words of Grace Raynor (@gmraynor on twitter): “Wouldn’t be suprised if Dabo played 834929031 players and all of their prom dates again.”