Key Events:


  • Travis Etienne rushed 59 yards for the first score of the game in a play highlighting his speed. He later scored Clemson’s second touchdown of the day.
  • In the FBS’ smallest stadium, Clemson’s crowd is at least equal to Wake Forest’s. This is almost a home game away from home for Clemson.
  • Tavien Feaster was injured and returned to the sideline without his helmet.


Bright Spots:


  • Clemson’s defense is overpowering Wake Forest’s offense. Wake Forest has under 100 total yards for the half, and Wake Forest’s first seven drives consisted of six punts and an interception by Tanner Muse.
  • Travis Etienne’s 97 rushing yards jumpstarted the Clemson offense, and Trevor Lawrence’s passing dominated the second quarter as he went 18-21 for 173 yards and two scores.
  • Xavier Thomas could be the best defensive end in Clemson history when its all said and done. Just wow.


Areas for Improvement:


  • Clemson’s slow first quarter woes continued for the sixth straight game. Clemson’s first three drives combined for 18 yards before Etienne’s 59-yard score on the first play of the fourth drive.
  • Clemson is two for nine on third downs. Despite Clemson’s four score lead, not sustaining drives is concerning.


What to Look For Next Half:


  • Will Travis Etienne rush for 200 yards again? He already has 93 yards and has the speed to outrun the defense. One breakaway run and another top performance is in the books.
  • Clemson’s performance on third down needs to improve. This will provide a great half of football to test different things and work on third down in the pressure of a real game.