Key Moments:

AJ Brown left the game in the middle of the first quarter after a vicious hit by Christian Wilkins.

Will Spiers’ rugby punt was nearly blocked, then the punt touched TJ Chase right before Boston College’s Michael Walker caught it and ran the punt back 74 yards for the first touchdown of the game.

An extremely controversial missed punt interference call on Amari Rodgers led to a Boston College recovery – although they didn’t gain points out of the drive, it was a


Clemson’s defense has held Boston College’s offense in check, especially after AJ Brown exited the game.

Clemson has utilized several creative play calls, including a play action pass with the Fridge package in the game that resulted in a score and a shovel pass to Etienne.

Areas for Improvement: 

Clemson has had its fair share of special teams miscues – from a Spiers’ punt being returned for a score to the controversial muffed punt call on Amari Rodgers.

Trevor Lawrence and the offensive line have struggled with Boston College’s pass rush, which is one reason Clemson has struggled on offense tonight.

What to Watch:

Can Clemson’s offense get back on track? Due to a combination of pass protection and overthrown deep balls the Tigers have struggled – but they must find their groove before Boston College finds their rhythm with backup EJ Perry.

The referees have received criticism from all sides in tonight’s matchup so far – and in a close game, the stakes of the referee performance are heightened.