Key Moments: Amari Rodgers’ 53-yard punt return flipped the field and set up Clemson’s first score, while Tanner Muse’s interception of Jamie Newman set up the second Tiger touchdown. The Tigers then scored two touchdowns in the final 45 seconds of the first half.

Strengths: Clemson is dominating Wake Forest on the ground, and it starts with Travis Etienne’s incredible skillset. The Tigers defense has Wake Forest’s number, and Tanner Muse is having a senior day to remember.

Areas for Improvement: The offensive line is having an off day in pass protection which is leaving Trevor Lawrence exposed to more hits than normal. With Tua’s career-threatening hip injury earlier today, quarterback safety is at the top of everyone’s minds.

Second Half Clues: Clemson re-established their dominance at the end of the half, but can they carry the momentum over to the second half?