This is the most important game of the year, another one-week season. Lose this and playoff hopes go out the window. The ACC title would be unaffected but it would be for much lesser stakes. Win, and the Tigers keep momentum and good feelings on Senior Day to propel them through the next two months.


The Citadel’s best player from last year now plays for Miami as a graduate transfer – Clemson will face CB Dee Delaney in December, whom was a FCS All American last year.


The Bulldogs have lost five of their last seven games, including their two games against #24 Western Carolina and #21 Wofford by a combined score of 87-39.


Like most flexbone teams, the Citadel earns their bread and butter on the ground by averaging 5.2 yards per carry and 308.6 yards per game. The Bulldogs will throw the ball 17% of the time – more like a typical flexbone team and less like this year’s Georgia Tech team.


Interestingly, they have similar red zone woes to Clemson. On 40 attempts they have scored 21 touchdowns and 3 additional field goals.


The 5-5 FCS Bulldogs are not a particularly strong team, but they will present an unique challenge on Military Appreciation Day.