Score: Clemson 14 Duke 6

Key Events: Duke scored two first quarter field goals to take the lead against Clemson, Clemson then responded with a touchdown. Hunter Renfrow was injured and went to the locker room in the middle of the second quarter.

Positives: Clemson’s pass rush has harassed Daniel Jones all night, and they are hoping that the hits will add up as the game goes on. Clemson’s defense has settled down and stymied the Blue Devils after a shaky start in the first quarter.

Areas for Improvement: Clemson’s offense has struggled all night for various reasons. Trevor Lawrence has put too much heat on his passes, they haven’t ran the ball versus Duke’s porous run defense, and Hunter Renfrow was injured in the second quarter.

What to Watch in the Second Half:

Will Spiers started the game with two excellent punts before two less-than-stellar punts. Every punt will matter in this close game and he will need to have his best game of the year.

Daniel Jones is an incredible quarterback whom is coached by the legendary David Cutcliffe – a great combination to pull off an upset. He will need to continue having an excellent game, survive the hits of the defense, and Cutcliffe will need to make second half adjustments to keep their momentum strong.

Even though it is an over-used cliche, Clemson will need to establish the running game in order to secure the lead in the second half. If Etienne or another running back becomes the hot hand – watch out.