Score: Clemson 28 South Carolina 21

Key Events: South Carolina’s opening drive ended in a touchdown – the first touchdown the Tigers allowed in the opening quarter all year long. Christian Wilkins’ one yard touchdown run on a toss play was followed by a Heisman pose that was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for excessive celebration.

Positives: Trevor Lawrence and the Clemson offense continues to amaze observers across the nation. South Carolina’s injured defense is no match for the Tigers’ offense – placing the entire game on Jake Bentley’s shoulders.

Areas for Improvement: Clemson has failed to adjust and stop South Carolina’s offense from marching up and down the field with concerning ease. The Tigers have allowed two massive touchdown plays with blown coverage – the exact thing Clemson can’t afford to let happen.

What to Watch: Clemson’s offense struggled on the last two possessions of the half – will they regain their earlier form and force South Carolina to keep up with their scores? On defense, the Tigers will need to eliminate the busted coverages and adjust to South Carolina’s passing attack.