The omen about South Carolina only performing against losing teams is true, as South Carolina is being read their death rites in Death Valley. The score at halftime is Clemson 35 South Carolina 0.

The two teams have had heated confrontations, starting with a pregame scuffle. This extended to the game as both teams piled on each other after plays and most recently as an out of bounds penalty was called on South Carolina.

In the first quarter, the Gamecocks managed seven offensive yards, while the Tigers had over 200 yards and a 21-0 lead. The only bad play of this quarter was Clemson’s first drive ending in a blocked field goal attempt.

In the first quarter, South Carolina attempted an odd punt fake that the punter did not execute an was subsequently tackled for a loss and resulted in a quick Clemson drive for six points.

The second quarter started in usual fashion as Mike Williams and Deon Cain dropped two consecutive sure touchdown passes and ended up punting. Another quality drive in the second ended in an interception off of a tipped ball off of the hands of a draped over Jordan Leggett.

The game was then a back and forth struggle until two minute six play drive ended in an eight-yard rush by Gallman.

To add on to the pain, Clemson’s one minute offense resulted in a six play, 80 yard, 39 second drive ending in Mike William’s third score of the game on a sixteen yard tunnel screen.

Simply put, everything is going well for Clemson and bad for South Carolina. Clemson can run or pass at will, and Jake Bentley is harassed on every pass while the ball carriers are swallowed up on every play.

For the half, there is little point in going over statistics, because the Tigers are dominating in almost every statistical category.

If the game continues like this, 2016 will be the new 63-17 and 2003. Fans of Clemson should sit back, relax, and enjoy the second half.