For a while it looked as if Alabama would run away with the game as they had a 14-0 lead in the second quarter and Clemson’s offense was anemic. In a game of momentum, all it takes is one play to ignite a team.

Just when Clemson needed it most, a 43-yard tunnel screen catch and run by Deon Cain on a tipped pass gave Clemson life, Jordan Leggett caught a 24-yard seam pass, and a few plays later, Watson rolled into the end zone to give Clemson life and cut down the lead to 14-7 Alabama.

While Clemson’s offensive spark did not last, it puts Clemson in a much better position heading into the half. Clemson must improve in certain areas if they want to hoist the trophy, and there is 30 minutes of football left with a chance to change the regrets of last year into distant memories.

Clemson’s offensive line is being dominated by Alabama’s front seven. Watson barely has time to pass and is getting murdered on most of his drop backs; while Clemson’s rushing game cannot carry the offense down the field.

The defense has been playing excellent tonight, but they should be careful to not overrun the counter play and give up the big run.

Andy Teasdall needs to step up punting, as his 37.8 average is significantly lower than Scott’s 47.2 average (long 57), which is deflated by his 25-yard semi-blocked punt.

If Clemson can fulfill at least two of these three requirements, the Tigers have a chance to pull it off. If not, then the Tide will roll to another national title.