Broad Overview:

Two years ago, the Georgia Tech football team would have been decked in Russell Athletic gear while legend Paul Johnson roamed the sidelines. Calling plays with his “if/then” chart, the Yellow Jackets would use the flex bone formation of the veer option offense to punch above their weight at a snail’s pace.

The Jackets have had a year to break in new uniforms, but now they are breaking in an entirely new philosophy – a stark contrast from Clemson who is the model of continuity in college football.

Bluntly speaking, Clemson knows almost nothing about the Yellow Jackets – because nobody does. Between opening weekend, a radical philosophy shift, and a creative depth chart; predictions are nearly impossible to make.

What We Do Know:

  • Michigan defensive back Myles Sims was just granted an eligibility waiver, so he may play Thursday night.
  • Georgia Tech’s “Above the Line” Depth Chart featured 66 players that could possibly play (will be 66 with Sims addition).
  • Geoff Collins at Georgia Tech is running a college “spread” style system and a 4-2-5 defense, and he has brought over many assistants that were with him at Temple to Tech.
  • Last year Temple ran slightly more than they passed, but in the Spring game they passed for 321 yards vs. 124 rushing yards.
  • Senior Defensive Tackle Jahaziel Lee could see time at offensive line as well.
  • The Yellow Jacket’s only 2018 All-ACC player is their punter (Pressley Harvin III was a second team selection).


Oddshark Spreads: 60.5 points is the over/under (66% bets over), Clemson will cover the spread as 37 point favorites (56%), and the projected score is Clemson 55.0 to Georgia Tech 16.8.

William Corbin’s Take: Paul Johnson was an underrated head coach and a national treasure, but Geoff Collins is a good head coach in his own right. This year will be an extremely tough transition year, but the mystery factor and opening day jitters could work in favor of the Yellow Jackets. Clemson 45, Georgia Tech 21