Big Moments: Clemson scored a touchdown on two consecutive drives in the first quarter to go up 14-0. Etienne and Higgins left the game for short periods due to injuries.

Positives: Clemson’s defense has stifled the Orange all night in large part due to their pass rush. Venables is playing mind games with the Orange offensive line that is rearranged due to injury. Syracuse’s offense has only performed well on two drives, and on both drives they settled for field goals.

Room for Improvement: Clemson has dominated the game everywhere but the scoreboard as they fail to capitalize on their opportunities and ‘click’. The Syracuse defense is vulnerable, but the Tigers have failed to turn the talent differential into points.

What to Watch For: With several questionable hits by the Orange, the Tigers main goal after winning will be to escape injury free. The other question is when will Clemson deliver the knockout blow? The game doesn’t feel close at all but its an odd game, and when teams hang around upsets can happen. If Clemson doesn’t come out with the gas pedal to the floor – things could get interesting.