Key Moments: Clemson jumped out to an early 14-0 lead with a Tee Higgins catch-and-run 85 seconds in the game and a K’Von Wallace pick six. At the beginning of the second quarter, Powell caught a short flat touchdown from Lawrence to put the Tigers up 24-0 and Lawrence exited the game.

Positives: Clemson is winning comfortably due to its talent advantage and solid execution. It doesn’t hurt that the Tigers have played well on offense and stifled Charlotte through the air. Clemson is playing a complete game.

Negatives: Clemson has missed some tackles and run assignments that are concerning. They haven’t had a major impact on the game, but mistakes are mistakes regardless of the opponent. What has had an impact are the multiple unnecessary personal fouls on defense, especially in a blowout.

What to Watch: A Enjoy watching the future starters of Clemson football gain valuable experience and see who stands out. Don’t expect Charlotte to give anything less than 100% effort for the entire game.