This feels like 2013 all over again. Third and two: give it to Boyd – err Watson, call a QB inside zone or power play, then watch him gain the yards. Boyd was a dump truck and Watson is a Cadillac, but it works either way.


Even though there were positive runs here and there, the offensive line performance has been a disappointment again (after the first drive). Fruhmorgen had two false starts in a stadium that isn’t even that loud on a Thursday night.


Taylor Hearn does not fill Eric Mac Lain’s shoes – if there was one player from the 2015 squad the Tigers could have back this year, it would be him. Jay Guillermo was performing well until he exited the game, and then Falcinelli has not performed that well. The center is more than just a blocker, he is a communicator and leader.


Deshaun Watson has had a few overthrows but has performed like Deshaun Watson, which is a relief for Tiger fans. Clemson’s pass catchers are a mixed bag, intimidating on one play and butterfingers on the next. Deon Cain has to be sliding down the depth chart at this point, and it is clear that he is struggling to get into a rhythm with his drops.


Artavis Scott is an excellent short passing game option, but throwing to him deep is not a smart idea. Even Ray Ray McCloud is better at the deep passes than he is. Speaking of McCloud, lets appreciate his movement skills. He is the second best receiver on the roster after Mike Williams, and is performing better than Scott right now (although Scott is extremely talented).


The running backs are hit and miss, but it is a chicken and egg question – is it the offensive line’s fault or the running backs’ fault? While Gallman doesn’t look as good as last season, his plays in space seem to point to the line as the culprit. Choice has excellent burst and is a very good player when he has a hole to run through. The other running backs have not appeared yet.


On the defensive side of the ball there is almost nothing to critique, unless you want to pick on the fifteen yard run at the end of the half. Clemson has 23 points, and Georgia Tech has 23 yards (including the last run). Tech has a -0.4 yards per attempt through the air because they have negative three yards passing. They have 26 rushes on 14 yards and three first downs. Outside of the one play they have eight total yards in the half, and 23 with the play.


The Orange Crush is nightmare worthy, the linebackers are playing disciplined, and the secondary is doing their job. The game is still in question, but the end draws near.