The team is in no way looking ahead to Louisville, because they have a formidable hive of bees ready to sting them if they do. Do not be fooled by Georgia Tech’s 3-9 record last year; injuries decimated them to the point to where they were playing freshmen and walk ons midway through the season (especially at A Back).

Justin Thomas is an excellent quarterback, and he could play both at Georgia Tech or at other places. He is a master of the system, and the key to any option style offense is the quarterback. He is smart and can both run and throw. Clemson must contain him if they expect to win.

Georgia Tech’s defense has played weak opponents, but they are much better this year than last year. Tech returns most of their starters on defense. Center Jay Guillermo noted that their defensive linemen have lost weight and are quicker, which means that they will be harder to stop.

Clemson must be able to win on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, especially on offense. If the offensive line cannot get a push in the run game, it will be a long night in Atlanta.

While the new players against the unique Georgia Tech scheme is a concern, Brent Venables is one of the best coordinators in the nation and he has coached the Clemson defenses to stop their scheme effectively.

One important note: It is not the ‘triple option offense’. It is the flexbone veer offense, (flexbone formation with veer blocking). Georgia Tech does run the triple option, but no more than one third of the time (usually). They run B back dive, speed option, load option, rocket toss, A back misdirection, midline option, among other plays. They also have play action passes off of these plays, and their passing game is based off of the run and shoot. The playcalling is very reactionary and is called ‘constraint’ playcalling. If they do X, we do Y, and they counter us with Z and so forth. It is one long game of cat and mouse, and Paul Johnson has mastered this offense through decades of experience.


I predict the Tigers to win in Atlanta, but Georgia Tech is a formidable team that cannot be overlooked. Prediction: Clemson 24 Georgia Tech 20