CLEMSON, S.C. — It has not happened often in the last 10 years, but Thursday night’s opening round of the 2022 NFL Draft did not include a Clemson Tiger.

It marked the first time since the 2018 draft that a former Clemson player was not selected in the opening round. It is just the second time it has happened since 2013.

But it should not take too long to hear a Tigers’ name called when the NFL Draft resumes tonight at 7 p.m. on the NFL Network and ESPN.

Andrew Booth, who many felt was a first-round pick, is the best player left on the board heading into Day 2 according to the Athletic and the Sporting News. ESPN has him as the third best player on its board, while has him as the top-ranked cornerback left on the board.

Booth is likely the only Clemson player to go in Day 2 of the draft. He should go early in the second round. Wide receiver Justyn Ross could potentially fall in the third round, but it is not likely. Right now, has him listed as the 25th best wide receiver prospect left on the board.

Day 3 will likely be a big run for former Tigers in the draft. If Ross is not drafted on Day 2, he will more than likely be picked somewhere between the fourth and seventh round. Cornerback Mario Goodrich will more than likely be a Day 3 pick, as well.

Goodrich is ranked as the 35th best cornerback heading into the second round.

Linebacker Baylon Spector could also go on Day 3. Clemson’s top tackler the last two years is ranked as the No. 21 best linebacker on the’s board. Only two linebackers were selected in the first round of the draft.

Safety Nolan Turner is ranked as the 16th best safety left in the draft. He could possibly be picked in the final four rounds on Saturday.

As for linebacker James Skalski, he is ranked next to last for the remaining linebackers left on the board. It is likely he is not selected in the draft and will more than likely sign an undrafted free agent contract.