CLEMSON, S.C. — Prior to April 20, it has been a long time since Dabo Swinney has had a real opportunity to talk with Clemson fans face-to-face.

Clemson Athletics and IPTAY have always done an excellent job of putting its coaches in front of its loyal followers and giving them a chance to meet and talk with them in a more personal setting. Each spring Clemson coaches hit the road and travel all over South Carolina and sometimes into Georgia and North Carolina during its annual Prowl and Growl Tour.

However, because of the global pandemic of 2020, the tour was unable to travel the last two springs. The interaction Swinney, and head men’s basketball coach Brad Brownell, have always appreciated through the years came to a sudden end. And in a way left a void.

But this spring, they have been able to get that part of the coaching life back.

“It is great to be back on the road and great to get back and be able to have some in-person meetings,” Swinney recently said to reporters at a Prowl and Growl event in Aiken, S.C. “Everybody sees things, hears things in today’s technology and communication, but I think, to be able to do this in person is great.”

The Prowl and Growl Tour has already made three stops this spring in Charlotte, Columbia and Aiken. Next week it will conclude the tour with visits to Charleston (May 24), Greenwood (May 25) and in Florence on (May 26).