Hall of Famer and 2020 Biletnikoff Award Banquet keynote speaker Lou Holtz, Founding Trustee & Past Chairman of the Biletnikoff Award Walter Manley II,  2019-20 Chairman of the Biletnikoff Award Steve Dobson III, and 2019 Biletnikoff Award Winner Ja’Marr Chase


Tallahassee, FL – The Tallahassee Quarterback Club (TQC) Foundation, Inc., the Florida-based creator and sponsor of the prestigious Biletnikoff Award, released the 2020 Biletnikoff Award Preseason Watch List on July 16. Today, the Foundation announces the third additions to the watch list, comprising five receivers. See 2020 Biletnikoff Award Watch List.


The Biletnikoff Award annually recognizes the college football season’s outstanding FBS receiver. Any player, regardless of position (wide receiver, tight end, slot back, and running back) who catches a pass is eligible for the award. As such, the Biletnikoff Award recognizes college football’s outstanding receiver, not merely college football’s outstanding wide receiver.


The semifinalists, finalists, and award recipient are selected by the highly distinguished Biletnikoff Award National Selection Committee, a group of prominent college football journalists, commentators, announcers, Biletnikoff Award winners, and other former receivers. Foundation trustees do not vote and have never voted. For a list of voters, please see BiletnikoffAward.com/voters.

Receivers are frequently added to the watch list as their season performances dictate. Actual, not potential, performance is the basis for inclusion on the Biletnikoff Award Watch List.


The Biletnikoff Award candidate eligibility and voting criteria, transparently explicit and detailed, are available for review at BiletnikoffAward.com/criteria.


Recently, the Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation opened the 2020 FanVote. Every fan may vote once daily on the Biletnikoff Award FanVote page. The aggregate fan tally will be counted as one official vote to determine semi-finalists (ten receivers), finalists (three receivers), and the winner. In the closest contest in years, the FanVote tally provided the one-vote margin of victory for 2013 winner Brandin Cooks of Oregon State.


The Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation announces the third 2020 season watch list additions. (See below)


Jacob CowingUTEP
John Metchie IIIAlabama
Dax MilneBYU
Amari RodgersClemson
Jalen TolbertSouth Alabama